Monday, February 8, 2010

Some frequently asked questions

We Irish all have at least one good true story to tell - whether it be funny, sad, poignant, surprising...

Share your true Irish stories with me and help raise money for a very worthy cause - Concern's Haiti Appeal. Just email me your stories at For more information see here.

Since I launched the project last week I've been getting a number of questions so I though I'd try and put the most frequently asked one down...

How long should my story be?
Ideally the stories should be no more than 2 A4 pages - don't ask me how many words that is - I haven't a clue. But if you have a story that takes a bit longer to tell than that don't worry, send it on in.

Does my story have to be set in Ireland
No - All I ask is that it has some sort of connection to Ireland - it can be by someone Irish or of Irish descent, about someone Irish, mention something Irish - basically it needs to be as Irish as a Jack Charlton soccer team!

What can my story be about?
Your story can be about anything at all. I'm reluctant to even give some general headings. As long as it's a story that you feel is worth telling, please send it in.

Can I make it up?
Ehhh....No. The story should be true even though it may read like a fictional story. But given that this is True Irish Stories, I'd be disappointed if a little license wasn't taken!

Do I have to give you my name?
You'll need to give me your name but if you'd prefer that the story is published under another name, that's fine. Also, if the names in your story need to be changed to protect the innocent (or even the guilty) that's fine.

Will any of the stories be published online before they're published in a book?
I'm not sure yet! But rest assured that I won't publish anybody's story online without first letting them know.

If you have any other questions you'd like answered, just drop me a line :

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